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=== Plugin Name ===

Redirect outgoing links through an Exit page of your design.Plan your exit page to get more revenues and bookmarks while protecting your SEO score with “nofollow” links

== Description ==

You think you’re running your WordPress site at its full potential? So, what’s your Exit Strategy?<br />

What happens when a visitor clicks a link to an external site? They just leave?? Then know that you’re leaving money on the table, losing potential customers, and wasting possible social bookmarks.<br />

WordPress Exit strategy is a plugin to redirect all external links in your posts through an exit page. Your exit page design and contents is what sets your exit strategy. Place ads, social bookmarking buttons, and links. You can include the outgoing link in your exit page, and auto redirect to it.<br />

Still don’t see why you need a WordPress Exit Strategy?<br />
1. Monetize outgoing links with ads on your exit page. Or offer them for rent on your favorite ads market.<br />
2. Get more social bookmarks. Place your social bookmarking links on your exit page. Gain an extra stream for social interaction.<br />
3. Protect your SEO score! Linking directly to external websites will leak some of your SEO points to the Linked page. WordPress Exit Strategy will protect you from this with its “nofollow” links.<br />
4. Offer alternative contents or websites, and you may bounce you visitor back into your website.<br />

With this Pro version you also get the following Features:
<li>Optional auto redirect to the link after a delay.</li>
<li>Customizable redirection delay</li>
<li>A Count down timer</li>
<li>Show a link after the delay runs out</li>
<li>Exclude selected posts</li>
<li>Shortcodes for Facebook & Google + buttons, for your post or entire site.</li>

== Installation ==
0. Please make sure to disable and delete the free version before installing the Pro version.
1. Upload the plugin folder to your `/wp-content/plugins/` directory.
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
3. Go to the Exit Strategy Pro tab under settings, and start designing your exit page.

== Usage ==

Open Exit Strategy Pro from your settings tab in your dashboard.
Design your exit page, and decide on the redirection method to use:
1. Auto redirection: the page will be redirected to the external URL after a delay.
2. Link to the external page: create a link to the external page. Use %link% as the destination URL.
3. Make the link appear after a count down: place your counter on the exit page, and set the End of count link to the external link, for example:
<a href=”%link%” rel=”nofollow”>Click here to continue</a>
4. thats it. now all external links will be redirected through the exit page you designed. For example :
A link to will be passed through http://YOURPOSTURL& before leaving your website.


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